Saturday, 10 November 2012

My new nail obsession

is Barry M Jewel Glitter Nail Paint in particular Rose Quartz:

I have just spent a good 10 minute trying to take a photograph of my nails and failing due to my limited photography skills. I think I need to befriend some people from the nail varnish blogs so they can let me in on their secret of how they photograph their nails.

I am not sure a photo could do justice to the sparkle explosion that is on my fingertips right now. In certain lights - especially those at night - my nails are like glitter bombs bursting with pinks and silvers and rose coloured beams. People stop mid conversation. Stop. Their train of thought diverted by the seductive streams of glitter beaming from my nails whilst I gesticulate the importance of something or the other. Something that wasn't as important as that 2.99 I spent on Rose Quartz jewel glitter nail polish.

You can buy it at Boots and Superdrug but apparently it keeps on selling out. Then you can buy it from Ebay.

I am off to town this afternoon to buy all the other colours.

Tis the season to be sparkly!

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