Saturday, 24 November 2012

Take a photograph (it lasts longer)

My sister bought me this point and shoot camera for my birthday a few years ago and I have always enjoyed capturing moments with it. So much so that earlier this year I got my first proper SLR camera. And I am utterly useless. It took me 6 months just to take it off automatic. I am trying to learn by just taking photographs but whenever I watch a tutorial on the internet or someone tries to explain to me things about light and holes (?!) my mind and eyes get a little confused and glazed. Am I not intelligent enough? I just don't have the patience to learn new skills. But I know that with a bit of will and application I could do it. So I am going to make it my early New Year's resolution to take more photographs and to Learn A New Skill.

Frank hides on the stairs after a forced entry by a random ginger stray who had designs on moving in...
 I suspect all the cats in the village are trying to move into our house after hearing on the grapevine how utterly spoilt my tabbies are....

Nothing excites Yoki.

The last photograph is an example of a beginner who takes the leap away from the automatic setting on her camera and has to spend hours trying to photograph some mugs! We also recently acquired a dark room in the loft so the next step will be to develop photographs! This involves circumnavigating the loft ladder so these plans are currently on hold...


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    1. That is my father's cat by the fire. She looks all sweet and innocent but is a bit of a people hater and tends to attack people at random! She was abandoned and they think someone kicked her in the mouth as she has missing teeth and is a Mute. Poor thing!