Friday, 30 November 2012

Toothy grins

 Nearly ten years ago I was dancing in an indie nightclub to Just by Radiohead which they ALWAYS played and I probably didn't even want to dance to anyway and this guy that I knew accidentally headbutted my mouth chipping half my front tooth. I looked ridiculous. It was about 2am.

So I did what every young girl in my situation would do.

I called my sister.

She fixed it back then and this week she redid it for me. Afterwards we went for dinner, cocktails and a little bit of dancing. It was a good excuse to go to London.

I love my dentist.

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and a side of 'smashed avo' at Milk in Balham

My idea of heaven
Somewhere in Clapham, South London

How lovely is this Cath Kidson Christmas window display!

Ten year anniversaries of things always seem so significant. In my mind. You think 'Wow - has it really been ten years since such and such happened or so and so happened. Has it really been ten years since that happened? I still feel the shame like it was yesterday' Etcetera. I think as I get worse I get older. I meant to type I get worse as I get older but the former remains apt. And current. Unlike the stream of thoughts in my head. This is that place that sometimes get a bit dangerous. When you actually have time for once to stop. And think. But I know that on Monday as soon as I leap back into my new full time position I will be too busy and mentally exhausted from learning new things and taking in masses of new information to even remember all those pathetic little memories that permeated and circled my head.

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