Sunday, 6 January 2013

unlucky for some

For the first time (possibly) ever some resolutions for the year have appeared in my head quite vividly. I am not sure where they came from with such conviction and vigour but I feel like I need to write them done quick before they disappear as quickly as this year probably will....

we have started the year with a sadness that pervades all but shall dissipate.

take more photographs. especially on manual.

Work - Complete my CILIP Chartership and become confident and effective especially with teaching. Evaluate, reflect, adapt. (Enjoy – I worked really hard to get here)

Investigate vitamins especially D and Iron (is sipping orange juice whilst munching raw spinach enough?) Eat more fruit.

Gardening. Dig, plant bulbs, water and nourish. Sing to them?

Take better care of my feet. 

Have my haircut more than once this year. Stop cutting my own fringe. Grow my fringe out.

Reading. Read more books because that is what makes me happy.

Writing. Write more creatively.

Exercise.  Do more.

Travel. Do more.

be more Effusive

New Year's Eve in the local pub before returning home to play a game of 501 darts

Melbourne Lights
Darts = Birds 

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