Thursday, 28 February 2013

The End of A Season

...also known as The End of a February.

and The end of the way it's always been.

It has now been two months since we found a new home for our dog. I believe people call it re-homing.  I don't really like that phrase. There was (is) a long list of reasons why this had to happen and without question the decision was based on her happiness. That was the most important thing. But she was with us for over four years and when you have a dog that dog is very much a huge presence in your day... not like cats who spend most of the summer outside. Now she isn't here any more. And I keep on forgetting that she ever was. I have to remind myself sometimes. The dog has gone. She's gone. I don't know if I am a terrible heartless person or if I am just good at adapting to change. I really don't know.

But since she left... our garden has become a meeting place for the village cats. At night gangs of cats gather to hold court. I am literally seeing a different cat every night. Usually there will be two or three just waiting at the door. They try and sneak in. They are fearless. My cats seem a bit terrified.

And now they have started sleeping in my cat houses! They have basically moved in.

No more animals. 

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