Sunday, 10 March 2013

Lovely things Part deux

Frankly Mr Shankly

we always kill this tree when my mother goes away but we always manage to somehow bring it back to life as well

a floral sofa is just delightful

we mirthed much at the 'special charger' that comes with this dubious hair threader machine my mother obtained from  abroad

vintage cars at the vintage fair

lovey things

we ate take away himalayan food off that very dinner set the previous night. i love it when your things become vintage just by way of never throwing anything away
very sweet. she liked it.
i wasn't allowed to buy this cat. they said it was ugly. £15 TK Maxx, 

What with World Book Day, International Women's Day, Mother's Day, AND snow; this week has been so busy I haven't managed to finish reading Mister Pip. I am going to do that now. 

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