Friday, 29 January 2010

Introducing the family

In November 2008, we went to Babington Hall rescue one Saturday morning; something of an impulse. A dog was a flirtation we had been carrying for awhile now and exacerbated by the death of a beloved cat we found ourselves toying with the idea.... seriously. The first time I saw Neko I knew I loved her. I had never, ever wanted a large dog but just one look at her noble and wise face, those deep brown eyes gazing longingly out of the kennel. She was so still, so still. I think that it was what made me love her. I didn't really have much experience or care for dogs but here was an animal exuding wisdom and calmness with pretty little eyelashes, like a cat like a cat, she's like a cat I thought. We took her home, we just had to. She was so ill, kennel cough, she was strewn across the carpet looking melancholy. i thought she'd wake up when she got better, but soon after she recovered we realised that she was the softest gentle giant known to the doggyworld. Like a stuffed bear she just wanted love and cuddles and kisses and most of all to be curled up next to one of us at all times. but then we discovered what happened when we went outside... and at the tiniest whiff of a dog (big, small, cat, squirrel...) she starts to make animated yelps, lunging towards them wanting to play. we realise she was never socialised as a puppy. she literally will go crazy... it took a few tries to realise that would never be able to be let offlead either. 5 fields away chasing a butterfly, about as much recall as a lettuce. my neko, my love.

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