Monday, 7 March 2011

The Perfect Curl

My life has been a constant battle against my hair. If you are lucky enough to have straight hair or curly hair then you perhaps don't understand the perilous nature of being inbetween. My hair is long and deceptively fine with a wave inherited from my father. When I was little I had ringlets. When I have a haircut and my hair hits the floor, it turns into ringlets. Sadly when attached to my head, my hair refuses to be so curly. It is a loose wave. That sometimes just looks like straight hair gone frizzy. This wave whilst refusing to be curly, also denies my straightening priveleges. I mean, I can straighten my hair. Sure. But 2 hours later the slightest trace of humidity removes all the goodness that the GHD's could muster. I remember straightening my hair before GHD's were invented. It plain and simple didn't work!
From the age of 18 - 24 I did not comb/brush my hair. Yes, that is correct. Despite having hair past my shoulders I did not once comb my hair as I had a fear that this then 'took away the curls'. So instead I washed my hair, ran my fingers through it a few times and then comes the wonder product. The one hair product that has had a very important part to play in my life. Toni and Guy Beach Curl Spray.

First the smell is heavenly. I love that smell. It reminds me of being young. Every single moment in my life has been punctuated with that smell. Every single day I have washed my hair and sprayed it. (Yep, every day - I am somewhat obsessed with my hair in the way that I am obsessed with trying to tame Neko) And it works. If you use too much the hair can go crinkly and hard. That is why you need 3 sprays on each side and then just leave your hair to dry. It's perfect. It lasts all day. Hair looks shiney, feel soft and it CURLS, OH IT CURLS. I am in love with this stuff. I hope they never discontinue it.

I also recently started experimenting with various salt sprays including a Charles Worthington one. These tend to be good for nights out as you get more of a messy + big texturized look. I was very impressed with the overall effect and smell of the CW one though and would recommend it. I think the beach curl spray is just one my desert island luxuries that I couldn't live without. I love you beach curl spray. xx

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