Saturday, 18 February 2012

The cat that changed our lives

Jimmy was a lovely ginger and white cat. Plump and loving; he would purr on your lap contentedly. I have some lovely memories of being unemployed lying in bed with Jimmy purring in my ear telling me everything was going to be okay.

Jimmy and his sister Melody were accidents anyway. They were born in our back room after a stray ginger cat moved in one Christmas. We temporarily confused her with a male ginger kitten of ours that had gone missing a few months previously. This makes us sound crazy but we are awfully normal. I assure you. So Harris the male ginger cat that we had had neutered suddenly decided to give birth. Because he wasn't who we thought he was. He was a Normanton stray. We kept two kittens. Jimmy and Melody Nelson. And everything was fine. Until one day we were driving back from looking at rescue dogs (!) when we received a phonecall that Jimmy had been run over. I still cry when I remember this horrible moment. Because I really loved him. And it broke my heart.

My boyfriend was equally distraught. We lived in a not very nice area and he decided that the area was to blame for Jimmy's death. People drove too fast and didn't give a damn. He decided to put the house up for sale. It wasn't my house so I just went with it. The house sold within 24 hours. It all seemed like fate. We moved to another small house in a slightly better area. Melody had run away by this point. Upset at the loss of her brother. We rescued an akita called Neko. We lived by a busy road so we didn't get any more cats. We stayed there two years before moving again to a nicer house in a nicer area. Where facebook lead me to two abandoned tabby kittens. We got married and stuff. And everything that happens now, from where I live to where we are; it all seems to be because of Jimmy getting run over. If he hadn't got run over would we be where we are now?

So thank you Jimmy. You will always be my favourite cat.

New cats: Frank and Molly

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