Monday, 7 May 2012

Bounty at the car booty

This weekend my friend Emily and I woke early on a Sunday morning to attend our local car boot sale. As pictured there were tables and tables full of delights.
Our purchases included butterfly planters, black cat teapots, spice racks, a cat key box and a trio of gold plated swallows. Oh and a framed painting of a deer. It was a good haul. Afterwards more of my friends arrived and we went for a cream tea in the local tea shop before hitting the local vegetable cart where I purchased some broccoli, sweet potato, onions and courgette. All locally grown! I love the honesty box system and how I have access to such lovely home grown eggs and vegetables five minutes from my house. We also sat on a bench by the local 'pool' in a small patch of sunshine. We ended our day in the pub.
It has been nearly a year since we moved out here. I don't miss city living at all!

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