Thursday, 3 May 2012

About a year or so ago I was driving home via our local shop on a quiet doubled parked terraced street when a black cat came out in front of me. Luckily and typically I was driving quite sensibly and was able to slow down… and stop. Because the cat had by now sat down in front of my car and did not appear to want to go anywhere. I waited. And waited. There were no cars behind me so I got out of the car and approached my interloping vagabond and asked him/her to kindly step aside. The cat looked at me disdainfully (don’t they all) and finally skulked out of the way. I was able to get back into my vehicle and continue my journey. My sister had a theory that the cat was preventing me from a car accident or bad fate that may have been around the corner. I like this idea and would like to imagine that there is a secret army of cats – up trees, under bushes, behind hedgerows – all keeping an eye out for me, protecting me. That is their job. This morning a big fat ginger cat crossed my path and I had to brake heavily. I did wonder if this might bring me luck and realised I had an unscratched scratch card in my purse (I usually buy these about twice a year). Unfortunately I can inform you that I have not won anything, thus surmising that only BLACK cats are lucky.

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