Sunday, 13 May 2012

The escaping akita and other escapades

Neko has recently been managing to escape from our back garden scaling fences you never imagined a large dog could manage and squeezing her way through gaps in hedges. As this is Not A Good Idea (even though she is completely safe - just a pain in the behind) my poor husband has spent many weekends trying to Neko-proof the garden. One of his more innovative techniques so far involves his dry branch weaving of a fence alongside a pre-existing hedge. I think it looks really pretty and rustic!
We were lucky enough to be cooked for by my father this weekend. He is the best chef I know. His cat Yoki is also the least friendly cat I have ever met. She only has eyes for my father and regularly attacks us. She has half an ear missing and has also been possibly kicked in the face explaining her messed up mouth and the fact that she is A Mute. Some of you may be moved by her story - we got her as a rescue in 2005 - but after spending some time with her you will probably leave in tears.
I love this kiln craft staffordshire potteries dinner set. I think it is called 'Bacchus'. The rest of my family seem to hate it but I will be happy to have it in my house one day when I have found a nice welsh dresser for it to go in.
Apart from that I have spent most of the weekend asleep with a snotty cold dosed up on night nurse. Lovely. Also we went for a nice walk to a nearby village Kings Newton where I enjoyed a pint of delicious Derbyshire Three cats cider which was actually the nicest cider I have ever had! Even husband who hates cider was jealous of my drink. I am looking forward to more three cats this summer!

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