Sunday, 1 July 2012

I want to be good Boyo but nobody'll let me

I want to write on here regularly but I do not seem to have the time. This is why I need to make my goal in life to be Not Work! At least not full time anyway. Even better would be work from home. I am working on this.

Meanwhile, we went to the lovely Boukari, a small village on the east coast of Corfu. We drove to sandy beaches in our cute Fiat Panda and stared at the wondrous sunsets as well as eating loads of delicious food (I heart Tsatsiki!) and drinking vast amounts of Mythos and Greek wine and Ouzo and Limoncello. I am yet to find any type of alcohol that I do not like. I am sure that there must be something out there. Probably home made. From weeds. Or dandelions.

If anybody wants to go then we stayed here and I thoroughly recommend it. 35 euro a night for a lovely room with sea view and breakfast. It was very untouristy and peaceful and the sunsets were to die for.

Anyway this weekend has been passing by in a haze of activity and flea spray. We returned to find a full blown infestation had taken over our house so I have been doing a lot of hoovering and spraying. I am very annoyed as before going away I used expensive flea treatment on the cats which obviously did not work. Getting rid of fleas is hard work!

I am also doing the Disposable Camera Swap which I am rather excited about and have purchased TWO disposable cameras. One to send to my swap buddy and one to take even randomer photographs for myself. Ahem.

                                                                         Greek Salad
                                            (L-R) Tsatsiki, home made 'fries', more Greek salad
                                                                       My new friend
                                                         Mainland Greece on the horizon
                                                                 Such a lovely sight
                                                                      Another cat
                                              Corfu is close to Italy hence lovely pizza and pasta
                                                         Our taverna had..... KITTENS!

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