Tuesday, 5 June 2012

racing pigeons all the way from France

A four day weekend celebrating the Queen's jubilee offered a good opportunity to change our hallway floor from this:

 To this.


Luckily I wasn't present for the floor laying experience and went shopping instead as I am never one to stand  in the way of DIY progress.  The whole house has been transformed and the rooms all seem to have come together. I just need to think of some hallway decorating ideas and find a replacement for my unpopular telephone table.


 Here is the rather ugly telephone table with Frank modelling its main use. The edges have been vandalised by the cats and it will not be suitable for sale. Ah well! I think I would quite like a sideboard or dresser. Just need to thrift something and perhaps paint it myself as I refuse to pay hundreds of pounds for old furniture yet only want old furniture.

We had a little kerfuffle this evening when Neko (the dog) stunned a pigeon. We managed to get all the cats and dog in the house to stop the little bastards devouring him as it turned out this was a racing pigeon that had gotten a little tired on its way from France to Rugely. Poor fella. The owners drove out straight away and he has now been reunited with his family! They had stencilled a phone number on his wings! He was very handsome. Here is Neko looking pleased with herself after 'catching' the pigeon.

Then Frank decided that he was going to take the micra for a spin...

Our rather damp and soggy Jubilee decorations...

 My overcrowded dining room mantelpiece - I need to start putting some of these up in the hallway maybe...

I love this old cat tray that I found in my Mother's garage!

I also dug my first border and planted some courgettes and raspberry plants. Not sure if they will be dead by the end of the week but we shall see! Our garden is probably the worst in the village so I need to find my green fingers and get busy!

I am off to look for decorating ideas on Pinterest that I can sneakily put up whilst the husband isn't looking.

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