Sunday, 15 July 2012

When it rained it poured

It has been raining for weeks and weeks and we are just not sure what to do with ourselves. There are weeds 5ft tall in our garden and we just let them keep on growing.

We inherited this old stone boot with our house. It did have some plants growing in it but we soon killed these off and now Molly uses it as a bed.

The rain has been making me very melancholy. When I was sat on the bus last week a quote by Kierkegaard suddenly came into my head and I have not been able to stop thinking about it since.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

I went on a teaching course this week where the other attendees were all consultants and they were all highly intelligent and capable beings saving lives and whatnot and I was a reflective librarian. I just felt really, erm reflective. And it all just kept on coming back to me being reflective. And I'm sure I wrote an essay once called 'on being a reflective practitioner' I'm sure I spent an entire Masters being told to be reflective! All this academia has made me weak. I want to be a strong action do-er type! I think I need some focus.

Are women who own cats a suicide risk? Behind the Headlines always keeps me entertained at work. I would recommend reading Behind the Headlines weekly! I have learnt so much. Like how garden sheds are the key to a man's happiness and health.

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