Thursday, 19 July 2012

A lacklustre lack

I am incredibly not artistic. I was the child that the art teacher avoided at all costs. She knew there was no hope. She also wore short leather mini skirts and her son was very prominent designing something for The Matrix but hey! I'm not sure any of the teachers actually had teaching qualifications (or wanted to teach) at my school. (You don't technically need any formal teaching qualification to teach at a private school - isn't that reassuring!)

I am trying to explain why my blog looks so terrible. I have actually spent a bit of time today trying to make my work blog which is also done in blogger not look so terrible and I have (vaguely) managed it. But I am lacking inspiration for here... I'd love to have a pretty header but personally I read all my blogs in Google Reader anyway so a lot of the time have never even visited the actual blog page.

I found the most amazing website today. I have singled-sided deafness, unilateral hearing loss, monaural hearing. It basically means that you are deaf in one ear. Completely deaf. I have been like this since I can remember and just accepted it and dealt with it BUT this website actually spoke to me! Someone understands there is a reason why I keep on turning my head towards you mid conversation. And all the other intricacies of a mono world. And someone also understands how you always sleep on your 'good' ear. And someone understands how when you put your 'good' ear to the belly of a purring cat you are transported to a world of 100% purring. Anyway I decided to change the name of my blog. Just because I can and no one is reading it anyway. Apart from possibly Megan.

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