Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Flea who didn't want to leave

We have a little problem and I am not ashamed to talk about it. A lady at work told me she had bed bugs which I think is far worse anyway. But this Spring 2012 – the local flea population have gone absolutely crazy. It’s like the Olympic flame but instead an army of fleas. And they seem to have arrived in my town and decided that they like it here.
Now we have never experienced such determined and gritty flea behaviour before. In the city there were noticeably less flea issues. There are a lot of cats living on my street and I suspect the culprit could be a tabby from another street who looks a bit rough around the edges. I think he may be bringing them round. Because I have been using proper spot on treatment for the cats once a month like clockwork. And 4 different flea sprays and 2 different room foggers and I have hoovered more than ever before. Yet still. They are here. They are immune, angry and blood thirsty. They like my husband. He has hairy legs. They seek him out at every opportunity. Little red bites line his ankles. Me? They don’t like me so much.
On Sunday I performed my own randomized controlled trial. One vial of Effipro and One vial of Frontline were randomly assigned to two felines. 48 hours later the cat who had received Frontline still had fleas. The cat that had received Effipro was clean. I decided to search Medline and see if there was any evidence for the efficacy of different flea treatments but there wasn’t. So there must be some healthcare databases out there just for vet science. I am so sick of hoovering. I am contemplating calling Pest Control.

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