Saturday, 4 August 2012

Wooden hearts and What Dog Urine Does to Lawns

I am spending a lazy day listening to Leonard Cohen 'One of us cannot be wrong' and looking at the pretty flowers (and thin green candles) on my fireplace. I am also trying to decide whether to destroy my Colette scrapbook in order to frame a photo in the lovely heart shaped photo frame we got as a wedding present.

I couldn't find a photo of my photo frame but I came across these heart shaped wooden photo frame book ends. I would prefer them in a darker wood though. These are adorable and remind me of some wooden heart earrings I had once that were my favourite. Sadly I lost one somewhere along the way.

I love this photo of French writer Gabrielle Sidonie Colette who once said 'Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet'
I wrote my undergrad dissertation on Colette and also have spent countless hours reading about Claudine and Cheri and Gigi whilst stretched out on my bed.
I purchased A Colette Scrapbook from the US (?) secondhand for the sole purpose of framing one of the black and white book plates but now I am about to commit this crime the librarian in me is stalling. I can't actually choose which print to use for a start. It is a hard life.

Rummaging through my father's shed I came across my grandfather's old sunlounger! I love the vintage print and the fact that it belonged to my grandfather so immediately claimed it. Obviously the sun became an instant recluse. This is Britain after all. I have temporarily put it in the music room for lounging to records!

Here we have a half hearted attempt at growing new grass over the urine patches that our lovely bitch has gifted us recently. She is now 100% banned from the lawn. My stepfather told me to dig up the urine soaked soil and then replace it with clean soil before planting lawn seed. A week later it still looks like an army of aliens have landed their mini spaceships on our lawn. If anyone is thinking about getting a dog who has never had one before then I would really recommend that you don't! Or if you do, please takes ours.

I love my mantelpiece. It makes me so happy. Buck only has one horn and sings 'Sweet Home Alabama'.

I have also been cooking. This was a delicious aubergine and borlotti bean stew.
Molly likes to help me cook in the kitchen. Whilst sporting a pretty daisy head band.
We have been addicted to the Olympics since it started. I have been staying up much later than usual and getting absolutely nothing else done. And now the athletics have started.... 

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