Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Dee Aye Why

15 months later and we are almost there. We still need to update our old bathroom and redecorate the bedroom after a bad choice on the wall paint. I went for a deep dark purple that rather suffocates as opposed to the serene calmness I was going for. Time to grow up and stop wanting to paint my bedroom purple methinks.

 For the first two weeks whilst we had the electrics done we slept in a tent in the garden. Our new neighbours must have thought we were crackers...
 It really was bleak. Everything needed doing. There was no kitchen so we cooked on a camp stove.  Looking back I do not know how we coped! And we (he) did pretty much 99% of the DIY ourselves (himself).

 I fell in love with this birdcage wallpaper from Next.

 Obviously I should have removed the blanket, arranged the cushions and taken those pictures out of this room which are blocking the real fireplace!

Everyone loves our 'g-plan' unit which is actually just something that someone gave my Dad which he then used for YEARS not realising that it was secretly fashionable. The coffee table was £10 from Ebay.

 The lamp is Ikea. I think I have a rattan fixation.

  My Constable 'The Cornfield' print and frame. Purchased from a secondhand shop in Normanton. For precisely £2.

 Gold rattan stool LOVE. I bought this today from the charity shop at the hospital where I work for £5. I am planning on adding another wicker basket on top for a cat to sleep in as the cats love elevated snoozing.

I have had these Umbra wallflowers for a few months now. I was going to put them above our bed but we are now planning on redecorating. My inspiration for these flowers is, erm, the bedroom of Serena Van Der Woodsen. I am so uncool. I know.

 This is my favourite room in the house. The dining room. Or sometimes I call it the library. Well I guess I would.

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