Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fruity Tea Time

1. blackberry, blueberry and acai berry
2. green tea with cranberry
3. green tea with apple and pear
4. green tea with peach and cherry blossom
5. Ali baba apple tea
6. cranberry, raspberry and echinaxea
7. strawberry and mango
8. strawberry, raspberry and cranberry
9.cranberry and orange
10. Loose apple tea from Lee Rosy
11. Organic Hibiscus tea from Egypt
12. Pomegranate
13.Raspberry and Chilli

These are currently all in rotation at home. As I work in a library the fruit tea selection is pretty outstanding but at work I mainly stick to green tea which at the moment is tropical green tea or the apple and pear green tea by Twinings which is outstandingly delicious.

I always find (and still do) that plain green tea can be a bit strong for me in the day time especially without food but the flavoured green teas are far more palatable.

In the evenings I LOVE fruit tea and the blackberry, blueberry and acai berry is so tasty. It is tangy, fresh and thirst quenching. The tea selection at supermarkets has recently imploded. There is so much choice and I try not to buy the same tea twice but some are so good. A long term favourite of mine is orange and cranberry which is another refreshing and tasty brew. I find the Sainsbury's own brand teas are very fruity and a bargain at about 60p a box. Someone at work brought back some apple tea from Turkey which I have been trying to find ever since but failing. The loose apple tea from Lee Rosy's just tastes a bit mucky. And the Ali Baba apple tea tastes like nothing. So my quest for apple tea continues...

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