Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Toasty feet, Warm heart

Everyone keeps on saying that we are mad to be doing our bathroom over Christmas. I'm not sure why! It's not even that cold anymore. It's up to 5/6 degrees and pretty damp. You can shower just by stepping outside and wee at the bottom of the garden when the toilet is out of action. It's very dark where I live. Apart from on Thursday nights when the freight aeroplanes fly so low you can wave at the pilot with his curly mop of hair. I hope my neighbours aren't reading this. 

This is what happens when you decide to Do It Yourself and laugh in the face of professional plumbers.

One day it will all be over and I will splash about in my new clean shiny slate grey bathroom and feel happy. 

Until then we brush our teeth in the kitchen sink and dodge the mess that covers every inch.

My feet got soaked on the way home from work because all of my shoes are so wholly inappropriate for the winter rain. 

But now I have my big purple toasty lounging socks on and I can't seem to remember the sensation of damp squidgy feet anymore. It's like being set to automatically refresh every 30 minutes. 

The original bathroom tiles that were lovingly removed from the wall. These tiles will rise again. 

They didn't look grey in the shop

No sink

Tile cutter

Not in use


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