Saturday, 16 February 2013

Horsing around

I'm a librarian. From a young age my father took me to the local library once a week. There I chose eight books which I took home and devoured. Usually at least two that same evening. Naturally after awhile I found myself taking out the same books again and again... I think that is quite normal. Their budget couldn't possibly keep up with my voracious appetite and besides.. who doesn't re-read their favourite books? The second, third, fourth reading of a good book can only reveal more and more layers of depth and literate texture.

Some of my absolute favourites were about about an arab called Shantih and a girl called Jill. The Jill stories included titles such as: Jill and the perfect pony, Jill's Gymkhana, Rosette's for Jill and Jill's Pony Trek. I liked Jill because she came from a single parent family (like me), didn't seem to have much money and managed to end up with not one but TWO ponies. And an entire stable in fact. Quite the little entrepreneur... My favourite recollection is when her Mother gave her some money to get the dry cleaning but she went and bought some jodhpurs for herself instead. Naughty! But afterwards she helped her Mother make lunch and said something about how chopping lettuce and cucumber was 'honest toil' and made her feel much better. I always remember that line whenever I chop salad. Which is often.

I was absolutely obsessed with horses. I started having riding lessons and going on Pony holidays and Own a Pony days. It was sad really because all I really wanted was a horse I could call my own.

The latest news about the horsemeat in the UK food chain makes me feel physically sick. I haven't eat meat for 12 years and I am fairly sure I am never going to again. I don't care that they eat horse in Belgium or France. I just feel so sorry for those poor people that are now wondering if they have inadvertently eaten Black Beauty or a cute little pony. I mean! It's lies and deceit and just wrong wrong wrong. I am contemplating veganism again.

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