Friday, 6 September 2013

Second trimester observations

1) They say the second trimester is when you get your energy back and feel good. This was true for me. We even managed a week beach hopping the Western Algarve. 

2) Towards the end of the second trimester however you may start to get a little bumptastic and simple tasks like bending over and spending ALL day doing serious shopping start to become a problem.

3) You may get pelvic girdle pain or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. Mine isn't as bad as it could be but if aggravated I can be in agony just walking. Which isn't good. And makes exercise a bit difficult meaning I have to surrender to being completely lazy with a regular nap schedule. But I'm still working full time and doing all my regular every day tasks including the mammoth commute.

4) Maternity clothes... some people say they hate them cos they aren't their style. I love them. I have got some great stuff from H&M, New Look, Asos and ebay. Ebay is a tricky one as I have become a bit addicted to the app and keep on buying things like Led Zeppelin babygrows and maternity clothes for £1.00.

5) After the 20 week anomaly scan I finally allowed myself to believe this was really happening and starting making a list and buying the odd thing.  We still don't have half the things we need but we do have a bugaboo chameleon. Priorities.

6) People give you hand me down clothes and they are so so useful. Especially big bags of gender specific hand me down clothes that include swaddles and moses basket sheets.

7) From about 18 weeks my baby started kicking. Now at 28 weeks it's the highlight of my day.

8) Biooil is only £10 for a large jar on Amazon and I smother my bump nightly although it may be made from something to do with ducks. And it does leave you a bit sticky but it smells so good. Quack quack.

9) I think once you are out of the dangerous first trimester you can let go a bit more. I have even let myself have some caffeine every week! And one half pint of Guinness.

10) People that ask you if you're having two or comment on how MASSIVE you are should learn that the only thing you say to a pregnant women is how beautiful they are.

Things I am looking forward to about the Third trimester:

Starting maternity leave (I was born to be at home)
My babyshower
My 30th birthday
Buying the other baby stuff on the list and decorating the nursery
Having a baby

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